Course Duration
5-10 hrs per week
1 module
Content Time
1hrs 7min
estimated time of completion
Product Education
Learning Path
What will you learn
This learning path is intended for users who have already completed either the Basic, Advanced or Designer training series in Rock U and are looking to understand how to create forms in ion. This course begins with building a basic lead capture form, and expands into concepts like using Choice Group inputs, styling with micro-themes, lightbox forms that open in an overlay, multi-step forms, publishing dynamic thank you content and saving your forms into ion's global Snippet library so you can easily re-use and scale your forms across many content experiences. Each lesson includes relevant practice exercises to help build your ion form-building skills quickly. Upon completion of this course, users should have an understanding of how to build, edit and experiment with our most commonly used form features and capabilities!

Modules and Lessons

1 [Learning Path] Creating and Editing Forms in Ion
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Creating a New Form - Part I
  • 3. [Practice Exercises] Creating a New Form - Part 1
  • 4. Creating a New Form - Part II
  • 5. [Practice Exercises] Creating a New Form - Part II
  • 6. Using the Choice Group
  • 7. [Practice Exercises] Using the Choice Group
  • 8. Styling the Form
  • 9. [Practice Exercises] Styling the Form
  • 10. Creating Data Fields, Choice Sets, and Validation
  • 11. [Practice Exercises] Creating Data Fields, Choice Sets and Validation
  • 12. Building Lightboxes and Multi-Step Forms
  • 13. [Practice Exercises] Building Lightboxes and Multi-Step Forms
  • 14. Publishing Dynamic Thank You Content
  • 15. [Practice Exercises] Publishing Dynamic Thank You Content
  • 16. Saving Forms for Reuse
  • 17. [Practice Exercises] Saving Forms for Reuse


Jay Ojea
Senior Product Specialist
Jay worked as a Senior Product Specialist, helping to create new training material, demoing Ion's software and guiding the sales team, designing and coding, or fielding technical questions. Jay's creative background mixed with his technical expertise sets him apart as a well-rounded instructor.
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