Course Duration
5-10 hrs per week
1 module
Content Time
0hrs 44min
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Product Education
Learning Path
What will you learn
In this learning path, you will learn step by step how to create an Interactive eBook in Ion.

We'll cover: the what, why, when, and how of Interactive eBooks; best practices before creating an interactive eBook; how to choose an Interactive eBook quick start; the step by step on how to create an Interactive eBook in Ion, going over basic, interactive, and publishing functions; and best practices after creating an interactive eBook.

Modules and Lessons

1 [Training Path] How to create an interactive eBook in Ion
  • 1. The What, Why, When, and How of Interactive eBooks
  • 2. Best practices before creating your interactive eBook
  • 3. How to choose an Interactive eBook Quick Start
  • 4. Creating an Interactive eBook in Ion: Basic functions
  • 5. Creating an Interactive eBook in Ion: Interactive and Publishing functions
  • 6. Best practices after creating your interactive eBook


Amanda Soares
Education & Training Analyst
Amanda is graduated in International Relations and passionate about communication, languages, teaching, and learning. At Rock Content, she's part of the Customer Education & Training team, creating, planning and delivering live and recorded trainings for our customers.
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