Course Duration
5-10 hrs per week
1 module
Content Time
1hrs 28min
estimated time of completion
Skill Development
Learning Path
What will you learn
This learning path is intended for anyone who is looking to learn best practices for creating interactive content. This course begins with an introduction to interactive content, popular types of content, how to re-purpose an existing static piece, getting started, optimizing and testing interactive content, design best practices and more. Within the video modules of this course, we’ll spotlight existing assets and resources available on ion’s website (http://www.ioninteractive.com), as guides for learning how to successfully strategize, concept and build your interactive content. Upon completion of this course, viewers should have a solid foundation for successful interactive content programs in ion.

Modules and Lessons

1 [Learning Path] Interactive Content Best Practices
  • 1. What Is Interactive Content and Why Should You Use it
  • 2. Popular Interactive Content Types
  • 3. Interactive Content Pieces Across Your Buyer Journey
  • 4. Repurposing an Existing Content Piece
  • 5. Getting Started
  • 6. Effort and Value - Getting the Balance Right
  • 7. Measuring the Right Things
  • 8. Testing and Optimizing Your Interactive Content
  • 9. Managing Interactive Content Projects and Creative Flow
  • 10. Team Structure & Roles
  • 11. Design Best Practices
  • [Reference Material] Interactive Content Best Practices


Audrey Ross
Senior Director of Customer Experience
Audrey Ross is a marketing technology customer success leader, educator and speaker. At Rock Content, she led the customer experience team, which drives and supports the education, adoption, advocacy and success of Rock’s customers, globally. She is passionate about interactive content, music, and college football.
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