Course Duration
5-10 hrs per week
7 modules
Content Time
1hrs 38min
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Skill Development
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Interactive Content
What will you learn
You'll learn the definition of interactive content, including what interactive content actually means and what value can it add to you when you add it to your content strategy.

Upon completion of this course, you’ll be able to match static content to an interactive experience, and also promote your interactive content effectively.

Modules and Lessons

1 1. Presentation
  • 1.1. Course Presentation
2 2. Introduction to Interactive Content
  • 2.1. What is Interactive Content
  • 2.2. Interactive Content Types
  • 2.3. How to Create an Interactive Content Workflow
  • 2.4. How Interactive Content and Static Content are Different
3 3. Interactive Content in the Customer Journey
  • 3.1. What is a Customer Journey
  • 3.2. How to Optimize Customer Experience Using Declared Data
  • 3.3. Interactive Content and Declared Data in Marketing Revenue Attribution Model
  • 3.4. Case Study: Korn Ferry
4 4. Developing a Long-Term Interactive Content Strategy
  • 4.1. Why Long-Term Content Planning is Important
  • 4.2. Optimize and Relaunch Content Pieces
  • 4.3. Defining Interactive Content Goals
  • 4.4. Creating Interactive Content that Motivates your Audience
5 5. Interactive Content Writing and Design
  • 5.1. Writing for Interactive Content
  • 5.2. Design Principles for Web Content
  • 5.3. Dynamic Content: Design for Personalization
  • 5.4. Materials and Resource Gathering to Create Interactive Content
6 6. Measuring and Analyzing Interactive Content
  • 6.1. Tracking and Analytics
  • 6.2. Data Driven Content
  • 6.3. Determining and Marking a Conversion for an Interactive Experience
  • 6.4. How to Optimize Interactive Content Based on Data
7 Interactive Content Experience Strategy Certification
  • Interactive Content Experience Strategy Certification


Stephanie Mansueto, Audrey Ross, Daniela Otalvaro, Maryl Burns
Head of Content, Senior Director of Customer Experience, Brand Designer, Expert Services Manager
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Other Information

This course gives you a certificate! To earn it, complete all the lessons and modules in this content, marking complete on each step within the platform. At the end, you will be able to take the test, and reaching 70% success in this exam, you will receive a nominal digital certificate, valid for 2 years, attesting to the completion of the course.
Period for conclusion
This is a completely free course, and when you enroll, it will be available on your student panel for 90 days for you to complete. After this period, you will be automatically unenrolled from the course. If you want to continue your progress, you can enroll again and watch where you left off, starting the 90-day countdown again.