Course Duration
5-10 hrs per week
6 modules
Content Time
2hrs 13min
estimated time of completion
Product Education
Product Certification
What will you learn
This course is intended for ion users who are new to working with marketing technology and web publishing tools and software or looking for the quickest option for training on core concepts of publishing in ion. This learning path begins with an orientation and dives into how to get started with a new project, make basic edits and updates, launch creatives, and includes an optional overview of reporting and analytics. Upon completion of this learning path, users should be able to utilize all basic and some intermediate Quick Start experiences without customization, and be on your way to bringing your content to life!

Modules and Lessons

1 1. Ion Orientation
  • 1.1 Interactive Content with Ion
  • 1.2 Ion Console Orientation
  • 1.3 Create and Manage User Accounts, Logins and Passwords
2 2. Beginning a Project in Ion
  • 2.1 Creating a Portfolio and Campaign
  • 2.2 Add a New Creative from the Quick Start Cloud
  • 2.3 Copy a Creative
3 3. Ion Basics of Publishing
  • 3.1 Navigating Creative Studio
  • 3.2 Editing Content
  • 3.3 Branding and Animation
  • 3.4 Backgrounds and Page Structure
4 4. Ion Tags, Conversions and Tracking
  • 4.1 Tagging Actions and Behaviors
  • 4.2 Tagging Interactive Components
  • 4.3 Marking a Conversion Point
  • [Additional Support Material] Tag Cloud, Tag Table, and Tagging Best Practices
  • [Additional Support Material] Add Third-Party Tracking
5 5. Launching a Project in Ion
  • 5.1 Proofing and Quality Assurance Before Launch
  • 5.2 Create a URL
  • 5.3 Managing Existing URLs
  • 5.4 Tips for Setting up an A/B Test
  • 5.5 Ion Launch Checklist
6 6. Ion Reporting and Analytics
  • 6.1 Introduction
  • 6.2 Why Reporting Matters
  • 6.3 Basic Reporting Terminology
  • 6.4 Where to Access Metrics in the Ion Console
  • 6.5 Performance Gauges - Part 1
  • 6.6 Performance Gauges - Part 2
  • 6.7 Instant and Scheduled Reports
  • [Additional Support Material] Reporting and Analytics in Ion


Max Weissler
Customer Support Supervisor
Max helps customers to become familiar with ion's software-as-a-service platform to generate business value through interactive content marketing. He has a passion for advertising and technology, industries that help people and businesses grow and expand. He loves having the opportunity to work with a variety of customers around the globe in the digital marketing sphere, each with unique backgrounds and objectives.
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Other Information

This course will provide you a certificate! To earn it, complete all lessons and modules of this content, marking and completing each step on the platform.