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5-10 hrs per week
1 module
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1hrs 02min
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Product Education
Learning Path
What will you learn
Social Walls are an attractive way of displaying content from your audience. Our platform gives you the flexibility to automate social feeds, display a variety of content types, and publish in a way that fits with your brand’s overall look and feel. In this learning path, you’ll learn how to: create and configure a social wall, curate social content and display your content as a pinboard.

Modules and Lessons

1 [Learning Path] Social Walls in Live
  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Social Walls
  • 3. Getting Started with Social Walls
  • 4. Search for Social Content
  • 5. Twitter Automation
  • 6. Pinboard Options
  • 7. Customize a Pinboard
  • 8. Content Variety
  • 9. Effective Content Types to Engage Your Audience
  • 10. Social Walls - Creative Ideas
  • 11. Quiz
  • 12. Conclusion


Tafadzwa Holden
Lead Training & Documentation Specialist
Tafazda Holden works as the Lead Training and Documentation Specialist for Live, learning about customers' goals and creating learning material to help users achieve their goals.
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