Course Duration
5-10 hrs per week
1 module
Content Time
0hrs 18min
estimated time of completion
Product Education
Learning Path
What will you learn
This learning path highlights the importance of applying tags and marking conversions within your ion creatives, which helps to better understand how users interact with content you create. You'll learn how to apply tags, mark conversions, and find where to review metrics. Learn about the global script library to incorporate any third-party tracking scripts within your ion console.

Modules and Lessons

1 [Learning Path] Tags, Conversions and Tracking in Ion
  • 1. Tagging Actions and Behaviors
  • 2. Tagging Interactive Components
  • 3. Marking a Conversion Point
  • [Additional Support Material] Tag Cloud, Tag Table, and Tagging Best Practices
  • [Additional Support Material] Add Third-Party Tracking


Jay Ojea
Senior Product Specialist
Jay worked as a Senior Product Specialist, helping to create new training material, demoing Ion's software and guiding the sales team, designing and coding, or fielding technical questions. Jay's creative background mixed with his technical expertise sets him apart as a well-rounded instructor.
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